Legends Football Camp and JC Youth Foundation meet

Legends Football Camp was founded in 2019.  Co-founder Jeff Chadwick, a former wide receiver with 10-years in the NFL and co-founder Kristen Blackburn, wanted to utilize his (Jeff) resources to help youth athletes get on-the-field guidance from NFL players.

JC Youth Foundation was established in 2023 and is proud to be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Presently the largest fundraiser of the year for the foundation is the Legends Football Camp.

The foundation is more than just a football camp, the foundation is committed to holding, or collaborating with other, fundraising opportunities. Those opportunities are to help the children in our communities. Our mission is to assist & encourage our youth through education, athletics and support.

Fun Facts about non-profit organizations

Approximately 67% of donors also volunteer

About 20% of all annual giving occurs in December

The average ONLINE donation amount is $177.



Commitment sponsors are committing to donating $200 per year to JC Youth Foundation. Commitment sponsors will be invoiced every year until you choose to end your commitment. The foundation utilizes funds throughout the year where there is a need to help our youth in our community. At any time the sponsor can recommend a group/organization, individual, etc. that needs our help as a foundation. You can also contribute separately for individual events that will be held each year.


LEVEL 1 – $750

LEVEL 2 – $1500

LEVEL 3 – $2500

LEVEL 4 – $5000 & up


Benefits of Volunteering

  1. Provides you with a sense of purpose and becoming a part of something greater.
  2. Provides a sense of community. Sharing awareness to the community’s needs.
  3. Helps you meet new friends and share a common interest .
  4. Increases your social skills and networking
  5. Creating a mindset of positivity knowing that you are contributing to your community
  6. These are just some of the things that shows the benefits of volunteering


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